Rituals are repeated set of sacred actions who’s order and intention can create change in the physical world.


When we think of working out or passing a test, we have a lot of road maps for success. Rituals are a homemade road map to cultivating a life of magic. Adding just one ritual to your daily life speaks your will into the universe and put you in a position to receive divine information.


Like any dramatic life change, rituals are sometimes hard to start. They take some human style will power and require our attention, humility, and presence. There are many roads to a ritual filled life and here is how it eventually for me:



Determine your goal for this new ritual. What exactly is this ritual intended to invite into your life or what do you want to cultivate? If you already have an intention in mind, think about how you can make it more specific.


Avoid words like “not” or “don’t” and opt instead for things you want more of rather than less of. You can also use present-tense wording. If you put your intention in the future (I will get more done, I want more knowledge) you may be chasing that desire or perpetuating your feeling of want for eternity.


Once you determine your exact intention, write it in your journal and say it out loud in a way that brings the intention into reality. For example: “I read about magic and remember what I learn.”




Mornings are a great time to set aside a new ritual. You are newly awake and have a fresh mind ready to receive perception. Morning time can be quieter and more focused than later in the day when interactions and human experiences have skewed your natural ability to take in information.


You can also fit a new ritual into places that already have tasks. For example, if you have a routine of watching a show when you get home from work, replace that show with your new ritual. Morning may be the best time, but start wherever makes sense for you.  


Once you determine your time of day, list all of the physical actions that need to be taken to accomplish this ritual before and after you engage with it. We can use the reading example:


  1. Choose a book to read
  2. Place the book on the kitchen table the night before
  3. Set an alarm for 6 a.m. before going to sleep
  4. Drink a glass of water upon waking
  5. Find a seat to read and set a timer for 1 hour
  6. Read and take notes in a journal
  7. Place the book and the journal back on the bookshelf


Writing these tasks down gives your conscious mind some tangible goals to hold on to. It engages memory, intuition, and patterns to bring them into your perception and frees space in your mind to receive the unexpected.




Once you have all of the physical details listed, you can move on to the experiences. Salt, sage, or palo santo can cleanse your area before you begin reading. You can say your intention out loud in the space before you press “start” on the timer. You can place your hand on the cover of the book, close your eyes, and remember that you are here to do magic as you take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.


These small slow-downs are indications to the universe that you are here to do the real work. It notifies the space around you that this place is a place of respect and attention. Without the internal act of honoring the ritual, there might as well not be one.


For the first few engagements with the ritual, it might just be muscles moving. You might groggily fight your eyes open for a few pages or get distracted or even say “fuck it” more days than one. A powerful force to counteract some of the physical barriers is to keep doing it. The magic will follow and one day you will walk into the space that you perform your ritual in and feel it.


Fair magic making!