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Acknowledge Your Desires


Even selfish wants are important tools in uncovering truths about ourselves. Do we really want to land that job or are we just ready for a change? Do we really want to work out more or do we just want to lose weight?

When we ask ourselves WHY we want to point out will toward something, we can avoid accidentally landing ourselves into something that was not meant for us or that we can’t handle. It requires a humble look at what our true needs are. Sometimes we follow the path of the ego when the path of our heart would be far better for us.


Avoid Negatives

The most weight of energy is placed on the subject of a spell. Even if your intention is to “not” get too distracted at work, the universe hears how much energy you have surrounding getting distracted at work and sends it there.


Some inspiration:

I let go of ______

I am free of _____

I banish _____


In a world of duality, we often use “not” or comparisons to define things in a way we can understand. It is a hard habit to break but there is a gift of clarity when we find a way to name our intention purely. From a more flesh-brain perspective, the more you think about a thing (even the things you don’t want) the more likely it is you’ll fall into it from thinking about it so much.


Instead of creating intentions about what we don’t want, we can accomplish much more by creating intentions that we do.


Present Moment


When you list “want” or “need” in your intention, you will pack that stuff up with it. Adding the wrong action and the intention will be stuck with that wanting, needing, or desiring instead of the true goal.


Our intentions exist now and are only waiting for our will to catch up. For intentions that enact a plan of action, included specific dates, times, and quantities.


Some inspiration:


I cultivate ____

I invite more of ____

I am/have ____



Fair magic making!